Zesati is delivered to customers as a set of configurable processes (change management, new product introduction and continuous improvement) and related data management (Part information, Bills of Materials, FMEA, documents, etc.) for managing collaborative product lifecycle and continuous improvement processes. These business processes are designed to easily address company and industry specific process requirements, provide measurable business benefits and can be deployed instantly without any need for programming and customization.

Zesati collaborative processes provide support for the following with the enterprise and the supply chain

  • Product Information Management (Part information, Bill of Materials, Documents, Visualization)
  • Document Management and Control (Revision and version control)
  • Engineering Change and Release Management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Quality Management

Product Information Management

The Product Information Management capabilities of Zesati provide support for managing the lifecycle of multi-functional product information. Typically the Zesati works with and PLM systems (PTC Windchill, TeamCenter, Enovia and others) to extract product information (attributes, BOM and related documents) and allows cross-functional teams and use/enhance the information so that it can be used by other processes and systems (Supply Chain Planning/ERP/Supply Chain Collaboration systems). The product information management capabilities include the following:

  • Multi-user change management and lifecycle management for part and BOM information
  • Part related document and neutral file management
  • Integration with team PLM systems such as PTC Windchill for automatically creating BOMs
  • Integration with Supply Chain Planning/ERP and Supply Chain Collaboration systems

Engineering and Manufacturing Process Change 

The Engineering Change Management processes are used for managing and coordinating the complete engineering and manufacturing change management process in an organization and in the supply chain. The change management processes works in conjunction with product information management to form the core of Zesati.

Zesati offers a comprehensive methodology for modeling and deploying engineering and manufacturing change related processes. The application also manages and controls the lifecycle of part and document information that is part of the change process. Some of the features of the engineering change processes of Zesati include the following:

  • Comprehensive engineering change management process modeling and execution
  • Integration of value chain partners (customers and suppliers) into the engineering change management process
  • Lifecycle management and control of information (part, bill of material, attributes and documents) that is part of the engineering change management process
  • Modeling of activities such as approval, review, notification and distribution
  • Integration with ERP systems for automatically creating change masters, creation/update of part masters and BOMs.
  • ISO 9000/QS 9000/FDA GMP compliant ECM process reporting

Continuous Improvement and Quality Management

Comprehensive quality control methodologies such as ISO 9000/QS 9000/FDA gMP play an integral role in the operational aspects of engineering, manufacturing and service delivery. Zesati is designed to take into consideration all product oriented quality policies and allows organizations to implement them in a methodical manner. The direct benefits to customers include improved product quality, visibility into product related quality processes and reduced cost of quality compliance.

The product quality management processes of Zesati are integrated with other processes and access all the product and process data that is being managed within Zesati and external applications. It thus avoids the creation of islands of data that is common when standalone solutions are implemented. Zesati’s product quality management processes provide configurable templates to support and manage the following processes across the value chain.

  • Advanced Part Quality Process (AQPQ)
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • Non-conformance Report
  • Corrective Action Requests
  • Design and Process FMEA

Ad-hoc Process Management

The process management module of Zesati allows organizations to model and manage simple to sophisticated collaborative business processes that span the extended enterprise. Zesati provides flexible control, real time visibility and accountability by proactively pushing the right information to the right people/systems at the right time and by keeping track of the status of the process and related data.

By offering an integrated environment for sophisticated data management and control, process modeling and deployment, and process reporting, Zesati lets your organization develop, deploy and manage collaborative business processes up to 10 times faster.