Zesati is a collaborative product lifecycle process management solution that allows organizations to manage cross-functional product lifecycle and continuous improvement processes across the company and the supply chain. Using Zesati organizations can easily design and extend product lifecycle and continuous improvement processes (engineering and manufacturing release process, quality management and continuous improvement programs) and related data to users and systems within the organization and the supply chain. Zesati proactively involves people and systems that are part of the collaborative process.

Business Benefits

  • Speed to market
  • Improved visibility, control and traceability for critical product lifecycle processes and data
  • End-to-end orchestration of continuous improvement processes
  • Compliance with regulatory processes (ISO 9000, QS 9000, FDA GMP, etc.)

The picture below provides components and capabilities of Zesati

Key Features

  • Ability for users from within the organization and the supply chain to be part of product lifecycle and continuous improvement processes
  • Comprehensive multi-user change and lifecycle management for product and process related data, including documents and product information.
  • Integrated modeling and deployment environment for collaborative product lifecycle and continuous improvement processes.
  • Flexible and extensible reporting infrastructure for capturing process intelligence, real time status and audits (for ISO 9000, FDA and other regulatory processes)

A high level overview of Zesati is given in the presentation below