Our goal at Cambrian Lab is to provide end-to-end solutions for new product development, manufacturing and logistics that are affordableeasy to adopt, and loved by users.

Our immediate and extended team includes industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, systems engineering, system-on-chip design, real-time systems design, software engineering, robotics, automation, manufacturing, quality engineering, logistics and supply chain practitioners, experts and researchers from the industry, research organizations and universities. We also partner with the “best of the best” solution providers so that our customers are aware of and can leverage the best to drive innovation, realize outsized value and gain lasting competitive advantage.

We derive inspiration from diverse organizations and people that obsess over customer success and service.

Key Team Members

Kris Gorrepati, VP of Product

Kris has over 2 decades of experience in New Product Development, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain domains and in Automotive, Electronics and Software industries. Kris held leadership roles at SAP, Zesati (Cofounder) and Samsung Data Systems, and operational roles at Ford and Caterpillar. Kris has an MBA from UCLAAnderson and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Tech. Kris obsesses over his 3-point shooting percentage, which is stuck below 25% for a very long time.

Manish Mathur, VP of Engineering

Manish has over 2 decades of experience in automotive and software industries. His areas of expertise is in Systems Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, PLM, Data Warehousing and Analytics. Manish has held management roles with SDRC (now Siemens PLM), Zesati (Cofounder), Capgemini and General Motors. Manish has Masters in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Tech and an MBA from Walsh College.

Dev Gude, CTO

Dev has over 2 decades of experience with enterprise/cloud software development and engineering, business process management, product lifecycle management and factory automation solutions. Dev held senior management roles at Samsung Data Systems, Zesati, Niku, Chevron and ABB. Dev has a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from the IIT, Mumbai and completed his Masters in Electrical Engineering from the University of Houston.

Satish Sundar, Autonomous Systems and Medical Device Product Development Advisor

Satish is the CEO/CTO of RAADSystems, a leading autonomous mobile robotics design and manufacturing company. Satish Sundar holds a PhD from UCLA in Robotics and Mechanical Engineering. Satish has over 25 years of experience developing and successfully introducing market leading semiconductor equipment, autonomous robots, medical devices, consumer products and control systems.

Hiren Shah, Strategy and Business Development

Hiren led business development and strategy consulting engagements for several technology companies, including Intuit, Microsoft and SAP. Hiren was the CEO of Zesati (Cofounder), a company that developed pioneering Java based Business Process Management solution. Hiren holds an MBA from University of Chicago and Masters in Computer Engineering from Michigan Tech.

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