Work With Us

We are always looking for a few great people to join Cambrian Lab. We do not have specific titles as of yet and we may never have but you can join us generally if you are great in the following


We prefer cross-functional people who can move up and down the application stack easily, including Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL, and everything in between.

Product Management

Industry and functional knowledge in Supply Chain Management, New Product Development, Quality Management and 10 commandments for good design


Requirement: Good understanding of the 10 commandments for good design

Test Engineering

Coming soon


Cloud Operations

Coming soon


Services and Operations Reliability

Coming soon


Customer Success

Our customer success department primarily focuses on making our customers successful and exceeding their expectations. In fact, we incur significant losses if our customers are not successful and not satisfied. You will be a good fit if you can take initiative, lead teams, have good business process analysis and design skills related to New Product Development, Supply Chain Development and Quality Management.


Partner Success

We do have several Technology, Complementary Product/Service, and Systems Integration partners. Mostly the role here is to make sure we making our partners successful.



Our marketing department is looking for people who are very good with words, images, videos and can explain difficult concepts concisely and clearly. It will also be useful to have good knowledge of new media, what works and what does not, analysis skills and understanding of prospect nurturing and sales process (readiness to buy signals).



We do not have a traditional sales function. Instead we have a team that helps our prospects along the journey of becoming our customers.