Connected Supply Chain

The rise of Ubiquitous Commerce and related fulfillment expectations (short lead time, accuracy and cost-effectiveness) are pushing global and local supply chains to the breaking point. The only way organizations in many industries can meet the demanding needs of ubiquitous commerce and related omni-channel fulfillment is by increasing visibility and coordination across the end-to-end supply chain.

A range of new technologies, including supply chain collaboration networks, Internet of Things, connected products, next generation logistics networks are making the vision of Connected Supply Chain real and eminently achievable for organizations of all sizes.

The presentation below provides an overview of Connected Supply Chain and how to adopt and integrate Connected Supply Chain processes across the complete product lifecycle.

The benefits of connected supply chain are self-evident and include the folowing

  1. Faster cycle time
  2. Lower inventory levels while maintaining high customer service levels
  3. Higher quality
  4. Lower overall supply chain costs