Factory Intelligence

Modern factories are marvels of automation, connectivity and intelligence. Despite much sophistication, people responsible for factory operations often find it hard to get and use information to drive continuous improvement in efficiency, production schedule planning and attainment, quality, and safety. Often it is because automation, manufacturing execution and connectivity solutions are not able to reach and provide a detailed view of factory operations. In existing factories it is often very hard, obtrusive and expensive to provide connectivity and visibility into every activity of factory operations.

Cambrian Lab provides an integrated hardware and data collection solution that complements existing factory automation and manufacturing execution systems to provide real-time and historical perspective on production operations at the level of whole manufacturing facility, manufacturing lines, cells, machines and individual operations. The solution takes advantage of cost-effective connectivity solutions that leverage existing infrastructure (Power line communication, for example) to reach, connect and improve visibility and analysis of operations and activities inside a factory.

Review the following presentation for additional information on Cambrian Lab’s Factory Intelligence