How Cambrian Lab Referral Partners Make Money

Individuals and organization small and large can be referral partners of Cambrian Lab. They can be referral partners for any of Cambrian Lab’s solutions, including

  • ZFlow – Digital Workflow for the Modern Supply Chain
  • Cogence – Collaborative Product Development for High Quality, Safety and Reliability

Cambrian Lab’s referral program is one of the easiest and most generous in the industry. Depending upon your level of engagement in opportunity development and sales success process,  you as an individual or organization can make up to 25% of yearly subscription fee as commission in year one and 10% of yearly subscription in second and third years. Below are some ways you can be referral partner of Cambrian Lab and respective commission fees.

Referral TypeFirst Year CommissionSecond Year CommissionThird Year Commission
Connection to Prospect10%00
Opportunity Development15%5%5%
Sales Engagement20%7.5%7.5%
Deal Closure25%10%10%

Become a Referral Partner

Read below for definition and clarification

  • In all of the above cases, the customer has to clearly indicate you or your organization as the referral partner. When customers do that they also get 10% discount on the first year subscription fee. It’s a Win-Win-Win, for you, customer and Cambrian Lab.
  • The basis for commission percentage is the first year subscription fee and for the second and third years, the average subscription fee of the respective years.
  • Referral Types
    • Connection – You or your organization’s only has to connect us to the prospect via an email or phone call. Your email or phone call should prompt a response from the prospect to ask for a discussion and/or demo. We will take care of the rest, including opportunity development, sales engagement, and deal closure. You can walk away with 10% of first year subscription fee.
    • Opportunity Development – In this case you or your organization engages with the customer, and does some of the basic work towards developing the opportunity such as creating the need, business case, etc. We will support you with business case development, demos, etc. and drive the opportunity towards successful closure.
    • Sales Engagement – In this case you or your organization will engage with the customer, and develop the opportunity as well as the sales process. You or your organization will do all the required due diligence, opportunity development, business case development, demos, etc. and get it to a point where the customer asks for a proposal.
    • Deal Closure – In this case you or your organization will fully own the sales process until deal closure. Of course, Cambrian Lab will help you along the way in a supporting role. But you or your organization will lead and take ownership of the entire sales process.

What is in it for me in numbers

Typical yearly subscription fee for Cambrian Lab is around 100K USD. On the high side it can be up to 250K USD. If you take the average number of 100K USD, just referring 10 (via email or phone call) of your connections that lead to closure can net you

100K (average subscription) x 10% (commission) x 10 (referrals) = 100K USD


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